Music Is My Everything

Music is what I live for. It gives me hope that things will get better. It shows me I am not alone. But most of all it connects me with others who feel the same.


Hands Like Houses (by MacKenzie Richmond)


*jokingly hits on u but means it 100%*

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yea but i was reading pete wentz’ book and in it he says if he had a kid, he’d want to name him martin and i just realized martin is patrick’s second name and this is why i get emotional most of the time

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there are two kinds of emos

  1. happy fall out boy fans
  2. sad my chemical romance fans

3. Conflicted fans of both

4. ones belonging to the holy trinity and are polite and happy about fall out boy, in denial about my chem, and just confused and worried about panic! at the disco

5. frank bottoms

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